October Interview: Zoe the Boxer

By Lynn Stacy-Smith

The Canine Caviar newsletter was elated to have a few minutes to chat with Zoe, a four and a half year old Boxer who you may have seen on the testimonials page on the Canine Caviar website.

CC Newsletter: Zoe, you are one of the Canine Caviar success stories posted on the Canine Caviar website. Can you tell us what your life was like before switching foods?

Zoe: Life was miserable. I couldn’t sleep well or play because I was always scratching. Sometimes mom would get mad because I bled on her white carpet, but she loved me so much that she took me to see the doctor every week to try to help me.

Canine-Caviar-Testimonial-Zoe-Boxer-Skin - dog food allergy

CC Newsletter: Wow, that sounds terrible! I’m so sorry you went through that. Is it true that the veterinarian suggested that you might not survive your allergies?

Zoe: It’s true. My doctor said my quality of life was so bad that my mommy should put me to sleep *gulp* forever! My mommy had faith though!

CC Newsletter: And so your mommy changed your food over to Canine Caviar holistic pet food and you no longer had any itching or scratching? That is amazing.

Zoe: That’s right. It literally saved my life!

CC Newsletter: Well, we sure are happy that your mom made the change in food and that your health turned around! We ask this of all of our dogs; what is your favorite formula of Canine Caviar?

Zoe: My all time favorite formula is Open Sky grain free dog food with a side of Synergy and a buffalo bully stick before bed.

CC Newsletter: That’s fantastic! You’ve got a whole meal plan!!  Do you have any other favorite Canine Caviar holistic buffalo treats?

Zoe: The buffalo ears are super yummy!

ZOE - dog food allergy

CC Newsletter: Now that you are feeling better, what are your favorite activities to do?

Zoe: I love playing with my mini-human, Danny. Mom says it’s her baby, but he’s fun no matter who he belongs to!

CC Newsletter: What was it like to get a human baby brother?

Zoe: It was rough at first, but I love the tiny-human because he hugs me and plays with me all the time!

CC Newsletter: Well, I’ve heard it said that every dog deserves her own boy or girl!  Before we let you go, what suggestions do you have for the pet parents of other dogs who suffer from similar dog food allergy symptoms?

Zoe: To not give up and to try Canine Caviar. My mommy had to try different formulas  before we got it just right.

CC Newsletter: Well, we sure are glad that she got it right, because you are a great girl and your little human is going to love growing up with you!