The Alkaline Diet

If you’ve browsed our website you have read that Canine Caviar holistic dog food is an alkaline diet for dogs. But what does that mean? And why does PH matter so much to your pet’s health?

According to Jeff Baker, CEO and Founder of Canine Caviar, an alkaline based diet puts more oxygen in your pet’s blood, making his/her immune system stronger. With more oxygen in the blood the internal organs also work more efficiently and your dog ages at a slower rate.

You can determine the PH level of your dog’s urine with a simple urine PH test strip. Test first thing in the morning during the dog’s first outdoor break of the day and before eating.  A PH of 7.0 is considered neutral and anything above it is considered alkaline. If your dog is already a canine caviar consumer his/her PH should be above 7.0. You may consider adding Canine Caviar Synergy to each meal to raise the PH if your dog’s urine is not at an alkaline level. 

Sweet potato with slices isolated on white - alkaline diet holistic dog food

An alkaline diet has the same benefits for humans and for pets, and you can also use the same PH test strips to monitor your own alkalinity. So while your pet is enjoying Canine Caviar, adding foods like lemons, green tea, asparagus, melons and sweet potatoes to your own diet can help you achieve some of the same results in flavors more appealing to the human palate.