Winning Ways with Canine Caviar

Kathleen King, Grand Champion Pet Parent talks about Canine Caviar.

Kathleen King, owner of Brinrye Golden Retrievers of Eagle River Alaska and winner of the Canine Caviar FaceBook Fan Appreciation contest, was recently interviewed by Canine Caviar about her award winning Golden Retrievers. King revealed that Canine Caviar was responsible for helping to keep the luster in her dogs’ coats and admitted that she had been feeding Canine Caviar to her champions for 10 years.

1.) Please state your name and your professional experience with show dogs.

Kathleen King and I have been showing dogs since 2004

2.) What breed of dog do you own and how many?

I have 7 golden retrievers

3.) What are your dogs’ names?

My girls are: Registered Name – Call Name – Age Windance Spitting Image of Aim Hi CGC – Allie – 12 1/2 yrs old AM GCH CH/CAN CH Splendid Two by Two at Brinrye BOSS – Roo – 3 years old Paragon Summit She’s All Fun N’ Games – Tryst – 9 weeks

My boys are: Registered Name – Call Name- Age SAMI-AK Kenai Gold Strike CGC – Sami – 11 years old AM GCH CH/CAN CH Duckabush Pawzt’vly Newzworthy – Brinkley – 8 years old AM GCH CH/CAN CH Duckabush News Media Frenzy – Riot – 8 years old Splendid’s Bettin on the Derby CD, RN, CGC, Delta Society Pet Partner –Wager 4

4.) Kathleen, your retrievers are show dogs; have they won any awards? And if so, which dogs have won which awards?

I began competing in obedience and agility in 2004 with my first golden Kodi, KODI-AK Chugach Gold Strike CD, CGC who I lost July 17, 2010 after he had just turned 11 years old. He was not only my first golden retriever but my first titled dog. He had his Companion Dog (CD) Title in obedience. He was also my first Delta Society Pet Partner. He had been a therapy dog since 2003.

I also compete with my boy Wager in obedience. He earned both his Companion Dog and Rally Novice titles in 1 month. He has been a therapy dog since 2009. I began showing in confirmation in 2004 when Brinkley and Riot where 6 months old. These boys are litter mates and my first two show dogs. They both not only have their American Champion titles but are also Grand Champions (GCH). Riot and another golden earned their GCH Title on the same day and were the first golden retrievers in Alaska to become Grand Champions. Both of my boys are also Canadian Champions. My girl Roo is my third show dog. She is also is an American Champion and Grand Champion. Roo earned her Grand Champion title in less than a month from being shown as a special. Roo is also a Canadian Champion. Our new addition Tryst is our new show prospect and she will make her debut over Memorial Day weekend at the Tanana Valley Kennel Club Dog Shows in Fairbanks.

5.) What were you feeding your dogs before making the switch to Canine Caviar holistic dog food?

I have been feeding Canine Caviar for 10 years now and I can not remember what I was feeding my goldens’ prior but I have used Purina Pro Plan, Science Diet prior to having this breed. When Roo was out with a handler for 9 months she was Purina Pro Plan because the handler is sponsored by them. I did not like the condition of her coat when she returned home. It lacked the normal luster that my dogs have.

6.) How did you hear about Canine Caviar and what made you want to try it?

I learned of Canine Caviar from Beverly Nolan of Aim Hi Golden Retrievers in Kasilof, Alaska. I adopted Allie from Bev when she was only 2 1/2 and she was being fed Canine Caviar due to a stomach issue so I converted my other dogs to your product.

7.) What changes did you begin to notice in your dogs and how soon?

I can tell you that over the years I like the condition of their coats. All my dogs have nice thick coats. I have no issues with dry itchy skin or scratching. I also have had no digestive issues.

8.) You’ve been using Canine Caviar for the past 10 years; how effective do you believe it has been on the overall wellness and quality of life on your dogs?

When I first began using your product both Kodi and Sami were recovering from hip surgery on both hips. They had to be kenneled 24 hours a day except when take out to go bathroom. I was able to control their weights due to the lack of exercise. My girl Allie is a cancer survivor and I feel that is in large part due to her diet.

9.) What are your favorite Canine Caviar products and why?

I love all the Canine Caviar products.

10.) Rate Canine Caviar on a scale of 1-10 (1 being the worst and 10 being the best).

I rate the quality of the products a 10.