Bad Dog Breath and How Canine Caviar Can Help

A common problem that owners face with their dogs is bad dog breath. That includes our friend Bobby Volkert and his Labrador, retriever Hendrix. Before Canine Caviar, Hendrix would have some really smelly breath.

Bad dog breath is always an unpleasant start to your morning, but bad dog breath can be an important health sign to watch out for. It could possibly be related to another underlying health problem. Today, Canine Caviar wants to take some time to look at bad dog breath, it’s causes, and how you can freshen up your puppy’s breath. We’ll also see how Canine Caviar helped Bobby and his Labrador, Hendrix’s smelly problem.

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Causes of Bad Dog Breath

There are many causes why you’re dog may be having bad breath. Here are a couple of common reasons and causes:

Dog Breeds

Some dog breeds are more susceptible to bad breath and other dental issues. This includes toy breeds and dogs with shorter muzzles. Owners should consider more frequent monitoring and checkups with your local veterinarians.

Mouth Bacteria

Mouths are full of bacteria that eat any residue and leftover food present. The bacteria then multiply to create more bacteria and soon die. When the bacteria die, they release the gases in their bodies resulting in bad breath. Be aware these bacteria are always present even if a dog has good oral hygiene

Foreign Objects

Dogs are no stranger to ingesting foreign objects. Dogs will eat trash, dead animals, and their own feces. These objects not meant for ingestion can rot in their stomach or pass through leaving a smell path for you to deal with.

Periodontal Disease

Bad oral hygiene practices have a big effect on breath. Build up from plaque and tartar can lead to the development of periodontal disease. The gums begin to recede allowing cavities, bad breath, and tissue damage.

Undigested Food

Food left undigested in the stomach will also lead to bad breath. Food in the stomach can begin to rot which creates a bad smell. People often describe the smell like rotten milk. Changing how or what you feed will resolve this issue.

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Bobby and His Dog’s Bad Breath

Bobby first tried to figure out what the problem with Hendrix’s bad breath

For Christmas in 2018 my wife and daughter wanted to get me a black lab.  I named him Hendrix and he has been a great dog for me and my family.  However, after his puppy breath went away I noticed that it smelled really bad.  I have been in the pet industry since 2006 and so I know that bad breath comes from dental hygiene or from the stomach. Since he was so young with fresh adult teeth I knew it wasn’t the mouth. After months of good bacteria added to his diet, the odor seemed to stay the same.

After consulting with Jeff Baker, CEO of Canine Caviar, Jeff believed that the bad breath was coming from undigested food in the stomach. It was at that point Bobby switched to Canine Caviar. The question stands why Hendrix wasn’t digesting all his food?

There are a couple of reasons why food goes undigested. It could be that you’re feeding too much. Dogs have much shorter digestive tracts meaning they can’t digest as much food. Food that isn’t digested can either stay in the stomach or come out as excrement. The quality of the food also matters. Depending on how kibble is processed, Dogs can have a hard time digesting. Kibble formulas with multiple protein sources will also require the stomach to digest more thoroughly which is hard for dog’s shorter digestive system.

Canine Caviar and Dog Breath

I switched to Canine Caviar for alkaline purposes but noticed two weeks after his breath was not smelly.  I was shocked and didn’t realize a food could change a dog’s breath this dramatically.  Before Canine Caviar he was eating the top ranked kibbles and raw diets.  When feeding dog food it’s always about results and this food has given every result I had hoped for.  Hendrix will never be fed anything else.  

It turned out the Jeff was right. Undigested food was creating Hendrix’s bad breath. From raw diets and other kibble, nothing seemed to work until he tried Canine Caviar. Sometimes it’s just the matter of finding the right food and for Hendrix, Canine Caviar was the right product. What was it about Canine Caviar that fixed the issue of bad dog breath?

Canine Caviar is a Limited Ingredient Diet and minimally processed. We believe in keeping dog food as simple as possible. The limited number of ingredients means it’s easier for your dog to digest the proteins and other nutrients inside. Having to process one protein is easier than digesting three or four with other kibbles. Minimal processing also ensures that your dog is getting the maximum amount of nutrients it needs for a day of fun. Thanks to Canine Caviar, Hendrix was able to utilize all his kibble with none of it staying in his stomach and causing issues. That’s the power of our diet philosophy.

Final Thoughts

Bobby is happy that he no longer has to deal with the problem of bad dog breath. It can be hard to determine the source of a problem. Make sure to visit your local vet when possible for help detecting issues. Symptoms can be a sign of an underlying major issue or something more minor like changing kibble, but a professional opinion is always a good idea.

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