February 2014 Awareness

By Lynn Stacy-Smith

Black Dog & Cat Awareness Month

February is Black Dog & Cat Awareness month, a month when animal lovers and rescuers try to debunk the myths surrounding black dogs and cats in an effort to increase their adoption rates in shelters across the country.

Black Dog Syndrome refers to a problem in which black dogs are viewed as scary or completely overlooked in shelters. In many instances they seem to blend into the background and are passed by when potential adopters are looking for their next canine family member. The same is true for cats, and both cats and dogs find themselves less likely to be adopted. Their wait time is longer and their euthanasia rate is higher simply because of their fur color.

How can you help? Search for organizations dedicated to Black Dog Syndrome or black cats and volunteer, donate, or share their message on your social media page. Have a black dog or cat? Share photos on social media and talk about your pet with others. If you have room in your home, the best thing is to adopt a black cat or dog, which saves two lives, the one you rescue and the next one to take his/her place in the shelter.

We checked with our Canine Caviar fans on Facebook and found some adorable Canine Caviar and Feline Caviar holistic pet food customers who are covered in beautiful black fur and helping spread the word that black pets are not scary simply by being adorable and loving. Also check out this blog by Canine Caviar customer and content writer Lynn Stacy Smith on her lifelong love of black dogs: http://bit.ly/1jjYXDq

National Pet Dental Health Month

Between the embarrassment of bad breath and the thought of fillings or root canals, you wouldn’t skip your own dental care, but canine dental care is often forgotten except when your veterinarian reminds you that February is National Pet Dental Health Month.

When you think about it, dogs and cats use their teeth for more than we do as humans. In addition to tearing, grinding and chewing food, dogs and cats use their teeth and mouths to pick up and carry items and as protection. Without hands to assist them, their teeth serve multiple functions, making dental care a critical part of a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, poor dental health can lead to more serious infections and health problems in other parts of your pet’s bodies.

Some of the ingredients in Canine Caviar and Feline Caviar are used to help freshen your pet’s breath, like parsley, peppermint, yucca and sun cured alfalfa. Our holistic pet food is also formulated to encourage an overall healthy immune system.

Brushing your dog’s and cat’s teeth can help deter dental problems. A variety of special pet toothbrushes are available, some that slide onto your finger and some that resemble human toothbrushes. You can also use a piece of clean sterile gauze and gently rub each tooth to loosen plaque buildup. Just remember to never use human toothpaste as the fluoride and the Xylitol in some brands can be extremely harmful to pets.

Want more information on National Pet Dental Health Month? Check out this link on the AVMA website: https://www.avma.org/Events/pethealth/Pages/February-is-National-Pet-Dental-Health-Month.aspx