A "Tail" of Two Hawks

By Lynn Stacy-Smith

Many of us share our lives with animals who we rescued; most rescue parents will also say that it was the animals who rescued the humans because of the endless love that they share with their humans. Rescue is an incredible example of the bond that humans and animals share.

While most of us rescue dogs, cats, rescue also extends to larger animals like horses and smaller animals. And then there are the rare moments when we are able to assist wild animals who might otherwise have perished without our care.

Lying under a big eucalyptus tree were two scared and dazed baby red tail hawks. They had fallen from the tree and were dazed from their fall into a wood pile. With their mother nowhere to be found, Gary placed a wheel barrow over them to protect them from additional danger while he located the phone number of an avian veterinarian.

The veterinarian referred Gary to a wildlife rescue organization who said to pick the birds up and bring them to the wildlife center. Wary of the sharp talons and beak, Gary carefully did as suggested, put on long sleeves and gloves,  and picked them up without issue. They did not try to bite, scratch or run and he was able to successfully deliver them to the wildlife center. 

The rescue center told Gary and his sons that the birds were very healthy but would not be old enough to fly for a few more weeks. His sons loved the experience and Gary thought it was an all-around cool experience to hold  and assist two red tail hawks.

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