August Interview: Jackson & Tinkerbell

By Lynn Stacy-Smith

We sat down with Labrador Retrievers Jackson and Tinkerbell, a brother and sister team who live in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois.

CC: Jackson and Tinkerbell, thank you for sitting down with us today. Now, I’ve been told you prefer to go by Jax and Tink, is that right?

Jax: Yep, that’s right! Our human parents say it’s easier for training…they don’t realize that I can ignore either version just as well.

Tink: I thought my name was “pup, pup, pup, pup, pup”.

CC: Hmmm, maybe that’s how they called the puppies when you were still with your litter? In fact, you’re still a  young puppy. How old are you?

Tink: I’m 13 weeks old. I was born on May 7, 2013 and came home to my family right around the time those humans were making really loud booming noises every night…you know, with the flashing lights up in the sky and those red, white and blue things waving all over. Momma thought I’d be scared but I wasn’t. She even stayed home with us when the rest of the family went out that night. So I had her for comfort, and of course my big brother was with me!

CC: So Jax, do you enjoy having a little sister?

Jax: Woof! Woof! Woof! Yes, I do!!  My older sister was a Basset Hound and she went to the rainbow bridge from this awful disease called Lymphoma. As much as I love my humans, I was so depressed all I could do was mope around and I started to chew my feet a lot. Momma kept giving me hugs and kisses but I couldn’t stand being the only dog. Momma doesn’t play bitey face and neither does Daddy. I was so happy when we picked up Tink from that awesome place where I was born! Our dog moms are sisters, so we are actually related!!

CC: Wow, that’s fantastic that you were lucky enough to get a baby sister, and we are so sorry to hear about your older sister. Now, I hear that you are a Canine Caviar dog from birth? Is that true?

Jax: Yep! It sure is! As soon as I could chew food I started eating Canine Caviar at the place where I was born. Then Momma kept me on it. I love it! My favorite is the Wild Ocean, which Momma calls my fishy-food. I actually love Canine Caviar SO MUCH that she has to use a special bowl to try to slow me down. Ha! As if! I’m a 2 year old Lab…I LIVE to eat! It really is the best dog food!

Tink: I’ve eaten Canine Caviar my whole life, too! Or at least all 3 months of it…I like the Chicken and Pearl Millet. Momma says it’s got the right stuff in it for me to grow into a big healthy dog like Jax but without me growing TOO fast! I’m 28 pounds, so I’m catching up fast! That’s twice what I was when I came home here!

CC: So with all of that Labrador energy, what do you guys like to do?

Tink: Well, my grown up teeth are coming in, so I’m all about chewing, chewing, chewing…and then more chewing! We have lots of antlers and bones around here and I love it when one of the humans drops an ice cube! I also love running puppy zoomies and of course wresting with Jax! My favorite is to run behind the sofa where he cannot catch me, although it’s not as big of a space anymore…they must have scooted the sofa closer to the wall! And I love swimming in the big human pool with my mom and dad…and also going in my little puppy pool, too. And there’s just so much to see and explore, with the mulch, rocks and stuff outside. OH, and I cannot forget that weird white animal who hisses at me when I get too close! I don’t know what it is, but I don’t think it wants to meet me but I keep trying to say hi. I’m in training to be a bird dog, although I don’t know what that means except that I get to chase bird wings and fetch dummies. Do you think I’ll get to fly as a bird dog?

Jax: I love to go to doggie school with Momma every Wednesday. We are working on my Bachelor Degree or something like that. When it’s not too hot we also go for Momma/Jax walks so I can mark every tree and sniff to see what’s happened. In the spring we competed in a dog show and I’m very close to becoming a Champion like my dog-father. It was fun, but it was really hard to stand still while the nice judge ran her hands on me. I wanted to roll over to get a tummy rub so badly!  Then Momma had to show them my teeth! People are silly sometimes, you know? Momma thought I would do what she calls “upside down puppy” but I loved the attention so I did exactly what I was taught. I also love to play with the plastic sleds that I stole from the kids. I’ve got a whole pile of them and they are fun all year round, even though Momma says that they are for the snow. She just doesn’t understand how much fun it is to pull it through the air behind you with its string! It’s like a big plastic kite!

Tink: What’s snow?

Jax: Oh, just wait, Tink. Just wait. I’ll show you the joys of snow once winter hits!  Snow is the best. thing. ever. It’s fluffy and cold and you can eat it and roll around in it, and it has magical powers that give you EXTRA ZOOMIE TURBO SPEED!!!

CC: Wow, you guys sound very busy!! And you look amazing! So shiny and black, like silk!

Jax: Momma likes to brag about that…she says it’s all from our Canine Caviar holistic dog food and that I’ve only had one bath with shampoo my entire life!

CC: Well, I’m impressed! Thanks for taking time to talk to us! I’ll let you get back to your crazy Labrador antics, and it’s probably coming up on dinner time for you!

Jax: Thanks! I think we are rotating to the venison kibble tonight! I love “new food day”!!

Tink: Bye bye!