A Holistic Approach to a Healthy Dog

By Lynn Stacy-Smith

As a holistic pet food company, we at Canine Caviar want your dogs to have a healthy lifestyle well beyond the food that nourishes their bodies. By feeding Canine Caviar natural dog food you are already taking tremendous steps toward healthy pets. Here are some tips on expanding those efforts into all parts of your dog’s lifestyle:  their body, mind, outside and home.


 In our May newsletter we talked about the benefits of an alkaline diet. According to Jeff Baker, CEO and Founder of Canine Caviar, an alkaline based dog food puts more oxygen in your pet’s blood, making his/her immune system stronger. With more oxygen in the blood the internal organs also work more efficiently and your dog ages at a slower rate.


 Just like humans, dogs are healthier when they are happy. The happiness of your dog begins with your love, but it does not end there.  Physical and mental exercise are important so that your dogs feel their best and exercise the muscles in their body and their brain. Plenty of sleep is also important so that they can feel restored each day and be ready for the frequent play sessions with you that contribute to their happiness. Stress and tension take their toll physically as well as mentally so it is immportant to give your dog a stress free environment.  A game of fetch, a daily training session, followed by a snuggle and a nap can go a long way to ensuring that your dog lives a long and happy life. Chances are you will also be happier and healthier too as you raise a holistic dog!  

canine caviar holistic approach - healthy dog


Some dogs know this word like they know the words car and walk. Do you wanna go outside? The answer is usually yes! But when you take your evening walk do you think about the things your dog’s feet and nose are touching? Particularly in suburban and urban areas your dog may walk through chemically treated lawns, pesticide sprayed parks and fields, dripped fluids from cars on streets and driveways, and chemicals from asphalt and driveway materials.  In the winter you are likely to come across ice melting agents that often contain chemicals that are harmful to your dog.

Thinking about these risks can be overwhelming. Aside from never taking your dog off your own property again, what can you do to minimize their risk?

First, look for non-toxic walking surfaces. Contact your local park department to learn about the products that they use to keep the grass green. Try working with the park department to adopt dog and child friendly lawn care practices. Befriend your neighbors and encourage them to do the same thing and share information on how their own pets can benefit from safer grass.  

In instances when you do not know the types of hazards that are on your walk, a post-walk paw washing can help significantly decrease their risk of ingesting unwelcome substances through paw licking and chewing. Make sure you wash their paws before you enter your home if possible, and also consider rinsing off the ears of long eared dogs like scent hounds, whose ears intentionally  drag on the ground to pull scents to their nose.

On wet days when ground water has splashed onto your dog’s stomach it is a good idea to give your entire dog a good rinsing. Just avoid overdoing it with shampoo, as many breeds have natural oils that keep their coats clean without frequent shampooing. When you do shampoo use a gentle organic option and be certain to rinse well.

Although you cannot control what your neighbors and local government choose for lawn care products, you can choose how to maintain your own grass. Research chemical free, dog safe lawn care for taking care of weeds and pests.

Train the “leave it” or “off” command. In addition to the uses in your home, this command is important should your dog start to take a drink from a puddle or a mouthful of grass or leaves.


Inside your home use toxin free cleaning products throughout your house. Use dog beds or blankets that can be washed in the washing machine instead of using fabric deodorizers to freshen their scent.

Purchase safely made treats, toys, beds and even your dogs water and food bowls wisely. Look for environmentally minded companies who make their products in the United States when buying anything for your dog. We offer a variety of natural dog treats that are safe for your dog to enjoy.

Make the garage a dog-free zone so that your dog does not encounter automotive chemicals that may have leaked onto the garage floor. Safely store oil, gasoline containers and other garage items where your dog cannot get to them.

Finally, keep your dog away from second-hand cigarette smoke.  More and more locations are going smoke-free , both indoors and at outdoor venues. If you smoke, consider doing it outside and away from your dog, and never smoke with your dog in your automobile.  There is a reason they don’t like the smell of smoke; listen to their instincts.

Do you have more tips on keeping your dog happy, healthy and free of environmental toxins inside and outside your home? Share them with us on our Facebook page or use #caninecaviar on Twitter.