May 2013: Interview with Chief the Great Dane

The Canine Caviar newsletter sat down to talk to Chief, the Great Dane, who works the red carpet like, well, like a chief, when he is invited to celebrity events!

Canine Caviar: Chief, you turned three earlier this year. Can you tell us how you came to find your forever home?

Chief: This lady, who seemed to laugh and giggle — she even had a high pitch goo goo voice when she approached me, came over to pet me. I decided to run her over with my puppy paws at the time. Guess I made a big first impression, cuz she took me home right away. That’s my Momager!

Canine Caviar: We know that you are a Canine Caviar dog. How old were you when you discovered your love for this food?

Chief: My Momager introduced me to this holistic dog food just this year! I love the fact that my fur coat is feeling better when I clean and lick it. I can see better, without all that gunk in my eyes, my breath is smelling good…too bad, my Momager didn’t hear about this earlier…I’m feelin’ the best I’ve ever felt! This is some good stuff! No wonder it’s named Caviar!

Canine Caviar: What is your favorite flavor?

Chief: I’m loving the venison for meals! Between meals I go crazy for buffalo bully sticks and my Momager gives me one every day…as long as I sit on my bed and shake paws with her. Momager insists on good manners!

Canine Caviar: You are clearly committed to helping abused and abandoned dogs find their forever homes. How did you get involved with this mission?

Chief:  My Momager is often involved in dog events, especially with groups like Best Friends. I also get to go to red carpet events with other dogs. I always attract attention when I’m at events, and then people ask about dogs, which gives my Momager an open invitation to talk about adoption!

Canine Caviar: What was it like being in a music video? Can you tell us more about that?

Chief: Wow, was that an experience! I was less than a year old, still a puppy, when I was in that music video. It was pretty crazy…I was paired up with a human who was smaller than me, and I’ve never seen a human smaller than me! It was my first experience with humans acting crazy, and I think we were a little afraid of each other. It was a hip hop video and there were kids jumping on things behind me while this small person was holding my leash. Insanity, I’m telling you! I hope Momager a good deal for me to be a part of this video. I’m telling you, I may need another agent if she keeps this up!!

Canine Caviar: How much time do you work doing events? Do you find it hard to have a good work/life balance?

Chief: I work around once every other week. My Momager takes me to festivals instead of a dog park, so that’s my workout. My work is fun. I live by that famous saying, “do what you love and never work a day in your life.”  As long as I get a treat and I can lean on somebody, I’m good!! Woof!!

Canine Caviar: What do you like to do in your free time?

Chief: I’m a family kind of dog. I like to hang out with my 3 BFFs, my Doberman Pincher buddy Moses, my Boston Terrier sibling Nugget, and my sister & Siberian Husky Tilly!!

Canine Caviar: What can you tell your fans that they would never guess about you?

Chief: I love to do the cha-cha! I like to jump on people’s backs and do the cha-cha with them! Especially my Daddy who at 6’2” is the same height as me! Too bad there’s no Dancing With the Dogs show! Maybe Momager can look into that…

Canine Caviar: What piece of advice would you like to share with the pet parents who read our newsletter?

Chief: Listen to your dogs, parents! We may not speak English but listen to what we say we need. We need to be healthy to be happy, too, and that includes eating well, exercising, and having a balanced life, too. When we have a balanced life, yours is more balanced, too! Woof!