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The Friendly List of Thanksgiving Foods Bad for Dogs

Thanksgiving is coming soon and you’re probably planning what dishes you’ll be making for the big day. There’s gonna be plenty of dishes to eat out of and like most thanksgiving dinners; there’s gonna be a lot of leftovers. There’ll be plenty of food for the family and the dogs but wait? Should you really […]

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Helpful Halloween Tips to Keep Your Pet Safe – Canine Caviar

Pets and Halloween don’t really mix well together even though we love seeing them in adorable costumes. There’s a wide array of potential hazards your pet may face this Halloween season. These dangers affect the health of your lovable companions and can even lead them to an early grave. We have to watch out for […]

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Check out some Summer Grooming Tips for your Furry Friend

How to keep your furry friend cool this summer! A dog’s fur coat provides a heat relief against the sun. It acts as insulation against the heat and as a insulation in the cooler months. Shaving a dogs coat can cause irritation on the skin if not taken care of properly. If you are shaving […]