Check out some Summer Grooming Tips for your Furry Friend

How to keep your furry friend cool this summer!
A dog’s fur coat provides a heat relief against the sun. It acts as insulation against the heat and as a insulation in the cooler months. Shaving a dogs coat can cause irritation on the skin if not taken care of properly. If you are shaving your pup’s coat, be sure to pay close attention to the areas of their coat that help protect them against sun light, fleas and other parasites. When a dog’s skin is exposed to open to sun light, it can get sunburned like humans and can suffer from the effects like skin cancer.

If your dog has long matted hair, trimming is suggested rather than a full shave which exposes the skin to sun light. To help shed their winter coats, keeping their coat trimmed and maintained all year is the best solution. If this cannot be maintained, during the summer months frequent brushing and bathing can be the most helpful to a dog’s coat.

There are other ways to help keep your pet cool. Walking earlier in the morning or later in the evening helps keep you and your pet stay out of the heat and sun light, make sure there is shade to take breaks and cool off when walking or playing. Another way to keep cool is feeding them frozen treats during hot days such as filling a kong with canned food or your pups favorite treat and freezing it makes for a cool fun summer treat. Lastly, make sure they have plenty of water to stay hydrated this summer.
Hope you have a great summer!