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Proper Storage of Canine Caviar and Feline Caviar Pet Food

By Lynn Stacy-Smith Dry Holistic Kibble Did you know that the way you store your Canine Caviar holistic dog food and Feline Caviar holistic cat food can help ensure that it stays as fresh as possible for your pets? In fact, the bags are specially designed to offer the best protection against oxygen, water and […]

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January 2014 Interview: Lulu the Pug

By Lynn Stacy-Smith  To start off the new year, Canine Caviar was lucky enough to talk to Lulu, a four year old pug who lives with the daily threat of the “seizure monster” invading her world. Canine Caviar: Hi Lulu, first of all I want to thank you for spending time with us. Can you […]