Google Hangout 17: Where Can I Find Canine Caviar?

In Canine Caviar Google Hangout #17 learn why you will not find Canine Caviar alkaline based holistic dog food in big name retailers and how you can find a store near you.

Doreen Wong: We’re going to talk about 2 topics: 1, why can’t our Furr parents find Canine Caviar in a big name retailer store and 2, what is the process in getting Canine Caviar in a local retailer?

Jeff Baker: It’s always been Canine Caviar’s philosophy that we deal directly only with the small independent retailers, we prefer to keep the money in the local community instead of in the big multi national chains. We also feel that they get a little better service from these guys. People don’t understand that Petco and these types of places are more expensive than if they go to their local retailer. The thing that really sets the small independent store apart from the big box stores is customer service. I mean this is what we’re really hoping for is that when they go into that small independent store, that store will give them their time or be on a first name basis with them or give them the level of education that they’re looking for and talking about the products that they carry.

Doreen Wong: And I guess an add on to that would be, say a Furr parent goes to their local retailer and that retailer does not sell Canine Caviar, how do they ask for it or what’s the process of getting Canine Caviar in that store?

Jeff Baker: There are over 14,000 brands of dog food in the United States and people don’t realize that. If you’re at a small store they can only carry so many brands of pet food so with a customer’s help and perseverance we can get it in any store that they like, you know we have our sales reps out there, there are not that many and they cover a large territory but if you send us an email or you fill out an online questionnaire that will give us a lead on where to go and that will help us as well because when our sales rep or someone from our office calls we can say “this customer is looking for the food here” they know that it’s already been qualified a little bit and it really helps us out.

Doreen Wong: Now I’ve heard that some smaller retailers will special order Canine Caviar, is that a similar process or how do they do that?

Jeff Baker: We really try to get the shops to carry the food because it’s easier for our customers when they go in there and they can pick it up rather than to have to plan ahead. Sometimes when they only do special orders it’s hard for us to drive that business into the store because it’s more convenient for the customer to order online although they have to pay for shipping and stuff.