July 2013 Interview: Jasper the Blue Doberman Pinscher

By Lynn Stacy-Smith  

In the spirit of raising happy and healthy puppies, we sat down to talk with Jasper the blue Doberman Pinscher puppy. Jasper resides in his forever home in Kouts, Indiana and is an avid fan of Canine Caviar.

Doberman Pinscher jasper tiny puppy - healthy puppies

Canine Caviar (CC): Jasper, we know that you are a very active and busy puppy, so thank you for sitting down with the Canine Caviar newsletter. You are an impressive looking pup, how old are you?

Jasper: I am 7 ½ months old.

CC: You found your forever home at just a few weeks old. Can you tell us more about why you were so young?

Jasper: You’re right; I was very young when I found my home.  See, my doggie momma and I were very sick and she couldn’t take care of me the way I needed. A nice human lady, I think her name was Dr. Molly, took care of me. She took me to a Thanksgiving dinner and I’m telling you, even though I was young, I fell in love! There were 3 humans that I met, and one was a little girl! The big man said he wanted me, and so did that little girl! A couple weeks went by and then, they came and got me. They brought me home. I had to be bottle fed for a while. They’ve loved me from the beginning!

CC: And how old were you when you became a Canine Caviar dog? What is your favorite type of Canine Caviar food?

Jasper: My human Momma, boy she is strict, she doesn’t let me eat anything but Canine Caviar. I started eating it when I was about 4 1/2 months old. I LOVE it! Did you know it comes right to our front door? I bark at the man who brings it, but I play with the box until my Daddy opens it….I know what’s in there!! I love all the flavors Momma gets me, but my favorite so far is the Wild Ocean Grain free. Momma says it’s really good for my skin and my coat. See how shiny I am?

Doberman Pinscher Jasper getting bigger - healthy puppies

Well, you are awfully well behaved for being so young! Can you share your behavioral secrets with other puppies? Any words of wisdom for their human parents?

I try really hard being a good boy, sometimes, it a lot harder than others! I get so excited…Momma says I’m like a bull in a china shop, I’m not sure what she means…. Momma wanted me to learn to listen to her so she sent me to “boot camp”. She says it was one of the best things she’s done for me. I learned so much, I really wanted to make her happy, considering all she’s done for me!

We’ve heard it said that a “tired puppy is a good puppy”. What are your favorite things to do to burn off all that puppy energy? Do you have a best friend to play with? Any favorite games?

I love to be outside. My girl, Faith, she’s 5, we play all the time! She likes to hide and I go find her. She’s getting better at it, sometimes she tricks me and it takes me a little longer to find her. We play tag too. And, I have a brother, Leo. He’s smaller than me, but older we play tug of war. I usually let him win, but don’t tell him that!

Doberman Pinscher jasper june 20 - healthy puppies

Can you share with us any times that you were a b-a-d-d-o-g that made your humans shake their head and laugh?

Maybe you can answer a question for me? What does TP-ed mean? I was bored one night, when Momma was playing with Faith, I remembered seeing a roll of white paper stuff…I started pulling it off and it just kept unrolling and unrolling; I had the stuff all over! I even pulled it into Momma and Daddy’s room…it looked so cool everything was white! Momma just said “Oh Jasper, you TP-ed us!” I thought I was in big trouble, but Momma just laughed!

Have you thought about what you want to be when you grow up? Maybe an agility dog? Or are you sticking with the tried and true Family Companion role?

You know, right now, I really love being the family dog! Maybe when I’m a little older, Ill want to do something else, but for now, I’m a tried and true family guy!

Doberman Pinscher jasper and pool - healthy puppies