The Wiener Dog Nationals

By Lynn Stacy-Smith

Canine Caviar is attending the Red Carpet Movie Premiere in Los Angeles Tuesday.. VIP tickets are available. Your ticket includes admission to the film, vip after party as well as a gift bag (valued at over $500!) meet and greet with the stars and more! Canine Caviar has provided six VIP sized boxes full of Canine Caviar alkaline dog food and natural dog treats to be given away at the June 18 movie premier in Los Angeles, California.  Proceeds go to Special Olympics! Special thanks to Quantum Leap Entertainment, LLC for helping us share the Mission. Paws Up for Partners!!

wdn starts at premier - wiener dog nationalsCannot attend? Watch for coverage of The Wiener Dog Nationals premier and red carpet event on TV and let us know through Facebook or Twitter if you spot the Canine Caviar logo. You can also purchase some of your own Canine Caviar natural dog treats and pre-order the movie on DVD to view in the comfort of your own home.  The release date on DVD is July 2, 2013.

Shelly is a rescued Dachshund who, along with her human family, enters the world of wiener dog racing to vie for the opportunity to compete in the country’s greatest wiener dog race, the Wienerschnitzel restaurant sponsored Wiener Dog Nationals. Not only is this lovable Dachshund a rescued shelter dog, the name Shelly is meant to honor all shelter dogs everywhere.

Whether your family consists of dogs, cats, small children, tweens,  teens or other adults, this movie is sure to be a fun summer feel-good movie, as well as one that shares an important message about the love and camaraderie that adopting a shelter pet brings to the adopter’s lives.  That is a message that gets a hearty paws-up from us!

Ready for other heart-warming and educational flicks that focus on the joy that shelter or formerly stray pets provide? Here are more of our favorites:

Lady and the Tramp

Lady is a well-loved and cared for Cocker Spaniel who meets a stray named Tramp in turn of the 20th century London. They develop a friendship, go on adventures and risk capture from the dog catcher together in this 1955 Disney animated classic. Although nearly sixty years old this movie still is adept at sharing the message that strays can adopt just fine into a loving home.

Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey

The 1993 version of this story involves talking dogs, adventure, humor and the tale of a rescued bulldog Chance and his Himalayan cat sister and Golden Retriever brother who travel through rugged terrain to get back to their family. Chance is a former rescue dog who has found a loving home and is not the slightest bit interested in returning to a shelter.

Air Bud

In the 1997 original Air Bud movie the story focuses on a stray Golden Retriever and his human friend Josh who bond over a shared love of basketball.  A basketball playing dog adds whimsy while addressing the unspoken love and support that a dog can provide.


This 1974 classic dog film is the ultimate movie about stray dogs that save the day. Along with another stray dog, Benji seeks out human assistance to free kidnapped children with whom he has bonded.


Mad scientists, a beagle with superpowers and the ability to fly, and a boy who loves him make up this fun-filled movie. Underdog is a former bomb-sniffing dog who was fired from his job but shows that just because a dog doesn’t fulfill his original purpose, he can still be a hero.

Hotel for Dogs

Two children who are in foster care find and fix up an abandoned hotel as a place to care for their own dog, but end up housing multiple stray dogs. This movie overflows with the love and care that the children provide to these otherwise lost dogs.

There are many other great dog movies that we did not list here, from the classics Lassie and Old Yeller to the silly but adorable Beverly Hills Chihuahua, to comedies about gentle giants like Marmaduke and Beethoven, plus tearjerkers like Marley and Me and Turner & Hooch.

Whatever you choose, get ready to pop the popcorn for the humans and give your dog a snack of a Canine Caviar holistic buffalo treat, a dried sweet potato chew, a bully stick or a Kong filled with our canned grain free dog food.   Just be sure to supervise your dog throughout the movie, as treats should always be given under supervision.  It shouldn’t be hard to keep an eye on your dog through any of these dog films, as most of them will have you giving extra hugs and kisses to your furry friends.