Canine Caviar’s Fermentation Products in Their Holistic Dog Food

Good Day Everyone!!

I posted some information about the new addition to Canine Caviar yesterday and it opened up some questions.

Although Jeff Baker, Founder of Canine Caviar is traveling right now he has sent us more information to help explain the Fermentation Product that will be found in Canine Caviar.

Jeff Baker is a Research Scientist that works with a team of researchers and nutritionists at Canine Caviar who constantly strive to offer the best quality products that result in the Optimum Nutrition needed for our Pets found in our product. Jeff is dedicated to the health of pets because of his Love for animals, dogs especially. Jeff had a Great Dane that lived to be 17 due to his care about Nutrition and that same Passion is put into every ounce of Canine Caviar. Jeff Baker will continue to work hard towards taking the BARK out of Canine Cancer. The fact that 1 out of 4 dogs die because of Canine Cancer is painful to Jeff and I don’t believe he will stop until it is WIPED out! I know we are all thankful for his commitment to our Pets.

Please Read below .. it is offered to help everyone understand the GREATNESS of Canine Caviar Pet Foods, Inc.

To Whom it May Concern: Our process is unique, complicated, expensive and time-consuming, but in our opinion, the finest way to make a true yeast culture. It produces enzymes, lactic ferments and B vitamins. Each cell possesses a thick membrane through which it secretes enzymes, co-enzymes and vitamins into the surrounding media. Enzymes are vital and without them, no life could exist. Canine ‘s yeast culture does not rely on living yeast to act. It is produced by pre-fermenting and gently drying to produce a nutritious ingredient, enriched and preserved with healthy metabolites. Although these enriched metabolites go on to improve food digestion and stabilize the animal’s natural microbiota. The enzymes in our cultures assist in the breakdown of proteins into usable amino acids. By using our yeast culture the animal is given the advantage of having its essential nutrients made more completely available, and for a longer period during the digestive process. Unlike brewer’s yeast, which is an ethanol by-product that is severely heated and rapidly dried, Canine Caviar’s yeast cultures are produced and dried with low-heat to avoid damaging the metabolites they produced while fermenting. Metabolites contribute to proper intestinal function, which does more than absorb nutrients. It contributes to healthier intestinal cell structure, or gut morphology, with more active surface area. The gut is also the body’s most active immune-supporting organ, defending against unhealthy bacteria and stimulating immune cells to fight infection. Like probiotics, Canine ‘s yeast cultures stimulate the size and stability of the animal’s natural intestinal microorganisms. More microorganisms improve digestion and buffer against occasional digestive upset. Unlike live yeasts or probiotics that can’t survive extrusion, Canine ‘s yeast culture is not as sensitive to heat. This is because, as said earlier, we don’t rely on living yeast organisms for the product’s function, we rely on the metabolites they produced in their original fermentation and preserved in the culture. Canine Caviar’s yeast culture is not “inactivated” by the heat of cooking because the stable and active metabolites remain functional. Animals consuming Canine Caviar’s yeast culture digest more of their food. This means more nutrition with smaller stools. Respectfully, Jeff Baker Canine Caviar Pet Foods, Inc.