Introducing Canine Caviar Pet Foods

Canine Caviar Pet Foods, Inc products promote whole body health using a true holistic approach. Nutrition is used to stimulate the body’s ability to heal and maintain itself. A holistic pet food supports your pet’s health on all levels by using high quality ingredients, herbs and proper formulation to ensure optimal amounts of nutrition are achieved. Proper nutrition will quickly settle digestive upsets, reduce itching, scratching, shedding and hot-spots, while addressing health concerns like kidney, liver and heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

The carefully selected, high quality ingredients used in our kibble formulas offer pets a complete and balanced diet that is 91%-93% digestible. We use hormone, antibiotic and pesticide free human grade dehydrated meats, grains and herbs. Our flash cooking process retains the nutritional integrity. Our products are free of wheat, corn, soy, chemical preservatives and genetically modified organisms.

Canine Caviar Pet Foods, Inc was founded over 15 years ago by Jeff Baker, a research scientist and dog lover, with a background in pharmacology and nutrition. Our dedicated team of researchers, scientists and nutritionists are always searching for breakthroughs in pet health. This knowledge allows us to introduce new products to help pet parents care for the ever changing health needs of their pets.