How to Detox Your Dog in 3 Easy Steps

detox your dog and cleanse your dog
Need to know how to detox your dog? Read these 3 Easy Steps.

The holiday season is approaching fast which means we’re going to be spending a lot of time eating festive foods and socializing with our loved ones. After all the fun you might be saying to yourself, “I need to go an a bit of a detox cleanse.” Your body is full of junk which affects your health/performance so it’s important to get it out. Just as you need to detoxify your system, your dog too needs the same treatment. We don’t constantly supervise our dogs during the holidays and when we aren’t, dogs are getting themselves into trouble. Dogs explore things using taste so more likely than not, your dog has put strange things into its system. This can be a big problem if left untreated. Your dog can become terribly sick from what it has ingested so a body cleanse is a great idea. But how do you detox your dog? What steps do I need to take to keep my best friend happy? Canine Caviar is here to provide a plan to detox your dog’s systems. We’ll teach you what steps to take to detox your dog through the holidays. An effective dog detox will give your bud the jump-start it needs for the new year.

1. Detoxing Your Dog Begins With Fasting

The first major step you need to take to detox your dog is to fast. Some people don’t like the idea of putting their dog on a fast but it is truly beneficial. There are many wonderful benefits your dog will get from fasting. When your dog fasts, you’re giving the body a much needed break. The body is constantly pushing energy and resources into digesting food. The body has only so much energy and resources so some body functions will receive less attention than others. When your dog fasts, the body can focus its energy into other functions of the system. This includes improving the immune system and repairing organ systems. Fasting also allows your dog to get rid of toxins currently inside the body. Your dog needs to get rid of whatever nasty junk is inside its system to continue to detoxification process. Allow your dog to excrete waste and drain its system before moving on

Detox your dog with filtered waterGive Plenty of Filtered Water

You might be asking, “I can’t give my dog anything during the fast?” Some owners like to give a little treat or chews but you should refrain from doing so for maximal results. You should be giving your dog plenty of water to drink during the fast and not just any water. Regular water while drinkable, still contains toxins and metallic substances which are bad for your dog. That’s why you should provide your dog with filtered water. Clean filtered water will help flush out toxins within its system. Even though your dog is excreting toxins and junk from its body, residual toxins still remain. Filtered water helps by going into the system and picking up those toxins and leading them to be excreted.

Filtered water will also help revitalize the system’s organs. Organs need water in order to function properly and fasting dehydrates the body. The organs won’t function properly if they’re dehydrated so filtered water provides even more benefit. The filtered water will help by keeping the temperature in check and keeping organ functions working correctly.

2. Next Step: Healing the System Through Nutrition

Your dog’s system is now fully flushed out and clean at. Now it’s time to move onto the next step; healing the body through nutrition. But what does this mean? Instead of feeding your dog its usual diet, we’re going to feed it something healthy to continue the cleansing process. Although fasting and filtered water helps remove toxins, dogs still contain some toxins in their system. We need to finish the job through feeding naturally cleansing food. This food will help promote faster healthy digestion, which will help remove future toxins more effectively. There are dog food formulas dedicated to helping this exact task including Canine Caviar’s Special Needs Dog Food. We’ll talk about this in more detail later but lets see which organs and systems you should focus on improving.

Digestive tractGastrointestinal Tract

The Gastrointestinal Tract is the system that helps break down and decompose the food your dog eats. This is where a lot of toxins are taken in and released. A healthy GI Tract will promptly take in the nutrients and release the toxins. The effectiveness of the GI Tract is lowered if your dog is unhealthy. A slow or irritated GI Tract give toxins more time to damage the body. To avoid this, the food you plan on giving should be made with the GI Tract in mind. That way, you can properly detox your dog effectively.

detox your dog including its liverA Clean Liver

The liver is a powerhouse when it comes to detoxification. The liver will filter the blood in the body and remove whatever toxins are present. You can see that it becomes pretty important to keep the liver healthy. As your dog ages, the liver becomes less potent. You may need to use liver support supplements for older senior dogs. If you have a younger dog, this won’t be as much of an issue. A healthy meal after the fast will be enough to boost the health of the liver.

kidneys help detox your dogKidneys

The Kidneys are also a big help when it comes to detoxifying your dog’s body. Luckily, helping out this organ is simple and you were already doing it if you’ve been following this guide. The job of kidneys is to filter out waste and toxins in fluids. You can help the kidneys during the detoxification process by feeding your dog filtered water. The filtered water will collect toxins and take the to the kidneys. The kidneys will take care of the rest. If you give your dog filtered water during its fast, this job will already be taken care of.

Probiotics and Prebiotics

probiotics help detox your dogProbiotics and Prebiotics will be important for healthy digestion. If you aren’t quite sure what these two are, there’s no need to worry. Probiotics are the healthy bacteria associated with good digestion. They help keep the GI Tract healthy, improve the immune system, create antioxidants, and  remove toxins. Prebiotics are extra fuel for probiotics so that they can do their job better. The combination of these two will give splendid results during detoxification. Your choice of healthy food should contain prebiotics and probiotics to enhance the cleanse.

3. Exercise the Toxins Away

exercise to detox your dog
The last step is let your dog let loose!

The last major step needed in order to detox your dog is exercise. Exercise helps give that last push your dog’s body needs to finish the cleansing process. When your dog exercises, his organs are working faster.The GI Tract moves waste materials faster making it tougher for toxins to do any damage. The heart rotates the blood faster improving the elimination of toxic materials in our blood stream. The liver, lungs, and kidneys also go through their processes much faster resulting in faster detoxification. The combination of healthy nutrition and exercise work together to create the powerful cleanse you’re looking for.

How Canine Caviar Helps Detox your Dog

sensitive stomach dog food for dogs with stomach problems.You now know how to detox your dog and how you can help your dog in that process. We also shared with you that Canine Caviar’s Alkaline Limited Ingredient Dog Food diets can also help. You need to provide your best friend with the proper healthy meal needed to effectively clean their system. Canine Caviar’s dry food diets are designed with this in mind, especially our Special Needs chicken and brown rice formula.

Special Needs promotes healthier digestion by supporting the GI Tract. Our simple limited ingredient diets make it easier for the digestive system to process and rotate food faster. The food helps continue the removal of toxins still present within the body. Our food also helps support the liver and contains probiotics and prebiotics to improve digestion effectiveness. It is a perfect choice to help your canine companion detoxify its body and start the new year right.

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We hope this has helped your dog become healthier than ever. Check our blog for more great educational doggy info as well as 5 Important Tips to Maximizing Dog Health and Happiness.