The Big Benefits of Fish Dog Food

benefits of fish dog food
How Can Fish Dog Food Benefit Your Dog?

Fish are one of the greatest food sources a dog can enjoy. These majestic creatures are a secret power food packed with healthy positive benefits dogs can enjoy. If you’re looking for a new food source for your best friend, fish based dog foods may be the way to go. You’re probably wondering, “What are the benefits of giving my dog fish in its diet?” Canine Caviar has you covered. We’ll show you the big benefits of fish dog food and how it benefits your precious pooch.

A Premiere Source of Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Fish are an excellent source of Omega-3. Omega-3 is an essential and helpful nutrient that maximizes the health of your dog from the inside and out. but how does Omega-3 help your dog? Well, here’s a list of the major benefits Omega-3 provides.

benefits of fish dog foodKeeping the Body Battle Ready

For one, the Omega-3 in fish help support a dog’s immune system. It does this by enhancing the production of  “B cells.” These white blood cells are responsible for producing antibodies that fight off infection and diseases. That means that a healthy consumption of Omega-3 will keep your dog’s immune system in tip top shape. Omega-3  and fish dog food still do a lot more for your dog than just immune protection.

Shiny coat and healthy skinShiny Healthy Coats for All Dogs

If you like your dog’s coat to look shiny and healthy, fish will help keep it that way. Omega-3 is excellent at maintaining healthy fur and more importantly healthy skin. The Omega-3 travels to the skin and keeps it hydrated and healthy. Dry and irritated skin is prone to infections and allergies so it’s important to keep your dog’s coat optimal. Just another of many benefits of fish for your canine companion.

fighting against mental diseaseKeeping a Dog’s Mind in the Right Place

Fish dog food also plays an important role in your dog’s cognitive state. The Omega-3 helps improve its cognitive performance as well as its memory and this also applies to puppies. Omega-3 also hinders the development of neurological diseases such as Alzheimers. Fish is a great choice for older dogs since the mental state of senior dogs deteriorates over time.

fish dog food for healthy heartA Strong Heart for a Loving Dog

The heart is a sensitive muscle that needs to be taken care of. Luckily, fish dog food and Omega-3 fatty acids have our dogs covered. Omega-3 helps promote a healthy heart for dogs in many ways. One of the most common ways Omega-3 helps is by lowering cholesterol levels. This helps dogs maintain a healthy blood pressure which leads to a reduced risk of stroke. Omega-3 can also stop blood clots from forming since it works as a anticoagulant. This is also helpful in reducing blood pressure and heart attacks. One last common heart condition Omega-3 is good for is irregular heart rhythm. The nutrients in Omega-3 help reduce the likelihood of all these conditions which makes fish dog food a smart choice.

Top Quality Protein for Top Quality Dogs

Fish dog food and protein
Fish is packed with protein

Fish is one of the greatest sources of protein a dog can find. It is an easily digestible food source for dogs. Fish dog food is easier on the stomach when you compare it to more traditional protein sources like chicken. Being easily digestible is perfect for dogs with digestive issues. It works best for dogs with upset stomachs or kidney and liver issues. Fish dog food is also friendly towards dogs who suffer from IBD and other stomach related issues.

Fish dog food is a great alternative protein to other common ones linked to allergies like chicken. Chicken tends to be a common allergen for dog breeds; owners often have to find other protein sources. Fish dog food is a superb alternative for owners looking for beneficial protein sources.

The protein in fish helps dogs’ bodies in multiple ways. For one, protein is necessary for the healing and repair from injuries a dog may face. Also, proteins help maintain and build muscle while also keeping bones nice and strong. Proteins are necessary for a dogs system so it’s important that your dog receives high quality protein like fish.

Fish Dog Food is the Natural Weight Watcher

fish dog foodIf you’ve ever wondered whether your dog’s current diet makes him/her too fat, you’re not alone. It’s normal for us to want our dogs to grow nice and healthy but you’re not a nutritional expert. You’re dog may be a little overweight or may just need some help maintaining a healthy weight. That’s where fish dog food comes into play. Fish works great for weight management and will be the key to helping your pooch. The reason why fish is so great is because it’s low in saturated fats. While fats are important for a dog’s system, too much can be a bad thing. The low levels of fat in fish make it easy for your dog to stay healthy. Low levels helps keep cholesterol down, reduces the risk of clots and will keep the heart pumping healthy.

Fish has another great weight benefit; while being low in saturated fats, fish is also low in empty calories. Empty calories are calories that provide little to no nutritional value. Examples include french fries, ice cream, and donuts. These empty calories don’t just apply to us but our dogs. They’re the main cause of weight gain so it’s best to steer clear as much as possible. Luckily fish dog food is low in empty calories only empowering its ability to help your dog stay healthy.

Need a Suggestion?

Canine Caviar Wild OceanIf you’re looking for a fish dog food product to try but don’t know where to start, no worries. A nice starting point is Canine Caviar’s Wild Ocean limited ingredient dog food. The combination of our split pea and herring makes Wild Ocean a maximizer of dogs nutrition. Wild Ocean is made with a dog’s health in mind and will provide all the benefits that was talked about in this blog. Plus, Canine Caviar’s Wild Ocean is gluten free and low in sodium, adding to the healthiness of our dog food.

If you want to learn more about Wild Ocean, click here or call us at 1-714-223-1800. Already looking into buying some? Wild Ocean is available on Amazon and other online retailers. If you’re looking for a physical store, check our store locator. We hope you feel confident in providing your best friend some fishy goodness. There should never be a reason to deny our dogs good food. Check out our blog for more useful info and helpful tips!