Benefits of Pearl Millet for Dogs

What is The Best Food to Feed Your Dog?

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Pearl Millet based Dog Food is Great for Your Buddy

With so many varieties of dog food out in the market, it’s hard to choose the right one. You might end up asking yourself, what is the best food to feed your dog? The answer is actually really simple. Pearl millet is one of the best ingredients for dog food. If you find dog food products that feature pearl millet, it’s in your best interest to snag a bag or two. But what is it that makes pearl millet so great for your dog? We’re going to share a little useful information about pearl millet nutrition and its benefits for your dog.

What is Pearl Millet in the First Place?

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This is Pearl Millet

If you’re unfamiliar with pearl millet, no need to worry. Pearl millet is a special grain that comes from tall grasses. These grasses can grow to be 8 feet tall, taller than your average NBA star! The leaves of these grasses are long and pointed with finely serrated margins.This works as a natural defense against animals attempting to reach the millet. Although millet primarily comes from South Asia and regions in Africa; it’s recently been grown in the southeastern United States. This allows the Untied States to have a healthy supply of millet in related products. The best part about millet is that it grows well against drought and arid dry climates making it sustainable. It’s a tough super food with plenty of nutrients and great health benefits for your dog.

Why is Millet Good for Dogs?

There are some key benefits that millet provides such as:

Millet is a High Source of Phosphorus

Phosphorus is an essential part of strong bone systems. Bones are made up of a combination of calcium and phosphates. Calcium needs phosphorus in order to make your bones strong and the same goes for your dog. Having a healthy source of phosphorus in your dog’s diet will help him/her maintain a healthy bone system.

Millet is also a Great Source of Iron

As you may know, iron is an important mineral for the body. Most of the body’s iron is located in our blood cells. As red blood cells transport oxygen throughout the system, iron is also doing an important job. The iron in our bodies has the job of creating energy from the nutrients the body gives it. Dogs burn a lot of energy so it’s important for them to replenish that supply. Pearl millet is high in iron, making it a great source for your best friend. Feeding your dog millet will help maintain iron levels along with its energy levels.

Millet is a Great Source of Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates hold many important responsibilities. They’re essential as a source of energy and help maintain a dog’s metabolism. Dogs have difficulty digesting different carbohydrates such as wheat. The great thing about pearl millet is that it’s one of the healthiest sources of carbohydrates for your dog. The reason why is because millet is easier to digest than other carbohydrates. This is the case for most dogs but you should make sure your dog can. Call out customer service number below to find out whether millet will work well for your dog.

What Else?

Pearl millet is Mycotoxin free, a good source of fiber, a complete protein and is rich in phytochemicals. Although there are many different types of millet, including Foxtail Millet, Finger Millet, Proso Millet, and Kodo Millet, Pearl Millet is the most common cultivator according to Organic Facts. Among the several different forms of millet, Pearl Millet is well suited for both human and animal consumption.

A Great Pearl Millet Dog Food

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Canine Caviar is a great producer of pearl millet dog food. Pearl Millet is used in Canine Caviar’s Free Spirit and Open Meadow dog food products. They’re both high in rich nutrients, gluten-free, and non-acid forming so your dog’s stomach stays protected. The pearl millet in our science dog food is “whole millet” making it beneficial to your dog’s spleen and pancreas. Pearl millet is considered to be one of the least allergenic and most digestible grains available.

The best part about Canine Caviar dog food is that it’s “Alkaline.” Alkaline means that our dog food is specially designed to have a healthy pH balance. Having good pH balance improves your dog’s overall health because it is close to the diet a wolf would eat. Canine Caviar products are the only kind of dog food on the market that are alkaline. Canine Caviar’s science dog food carefully selects alkaline ingredients to naturally raise the pH balance and decrease the minerals typically associated with alkaline products. As a result, this ultimate science dog food greatly improves your dog’s health. If you have any questions or are interested in receiving Canine Caviar dog food, use the contact information below.

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