Benefits of Canine Caviar Wild Ocean

Canine Caviar Wild Ocean Limited Ingredient Dog Food

Canine Caviar’s Wild Ocean formula is one of our single protein single complex carbohydrate diets. It is a herring and split pea based alkaline diet.

Herring is wild caught, human grade, white fish. It is a rich protein source that is high in long-chain omega 3 fatty acids, EPA, DNA and a good source of vitamin D. Herring is beneficial to heart health, reduces the risk of cancer and Chrohn’s disease, and strengthens the immune system.

Our Wild Ocean formula is one of our alkaline diets. Our diets are pH balanced at 7.1-7.4 to allow straight transition, reduce anaerobic activity, minimize cellular degeneration, puts more oxygen into the blood and a great addition to protein rotation. Protein rotation provides your pet with a different amino acid profile maintains a healthy immune system and helps in reducing allergy issues.

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