Do’s and Don’ts on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time full of friends, family, football and of course–FOOD. It can be hard not to feed your furry friends table food, especially on this holiday when food seems to be the gift that keeps on giving. Overeating is practically encouraged on this day, not just for us but for our dogs! While still sharing the holiday cheer with our dogs, we just need to be mindful…

Here is a list of “Do” and “Don’t” Thanksgiving foods for Dogs: (keep in mind, although some food are good for dogs, consuming too much of anything can cause stomach upset)

DoBlog - Thanksgiving Do's and Dont's

-Plain Sweet Potatoes: healthy dietary fiber and nutrients.

-Green Beans: plain green beans are a good source of fiber, vitamin K and C. Just stay away from green bean casseroles that contain other ingredients not suitable for dogs. 

-Apples: contain healthy vitamins that help even skin tone. Just make sure to take out the seeds.

-Cooked White Boneless Turkey: a good lean protein for dogs

-Whole Fresh Cranberries: help promote healthy urinary tract and are rich in vitamins

-Brussels Sprouts- are a great source of antioxidants and are good for your pet’s coat.

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-Alliums (onions, garlic, leeks, and scallions): these are not harmful in small amounts, but if consumed too much they can be harmful. Easier to just stay away from these!

– Artificial Sweeteners such as Xylito: although it is a healthy alternative for humans, it is poisonous to animals and can potentially be life threatening.

– Turkey Skin: is difficult for dog’s stomachs to digest and is very fatty.

-Nutmeg: contains an ingredient called myristicin, that has been known to cause seizures and central nervous system issues. Be careful of this ingredient especially in dishes such as sweet potatoes.

-Bread Dough: If making fresh bread, make sure to keep it away from pets. It can rise in their stomach as it does in the oven and could cause bloating and/or vomiting.

While this is a collective list of “Do and Don’t” foods, please keep in mind that not all dogs can digest various foods the same. Just like humans, some dogs have allergies to specific foods or have their own individual health concerns. We cannot express enough; Remember, although these “Do” foods may be OK for your pet, always be mindful that too much of any food can cause digestive upset. Limit and moderate the amount of snacks and treats you give your pet.

For easy, ready-to-go Thanksgiving alternatives, Check out our next blog on Canine Caviar’s Turkey Day dog treats!

Blog - Thanksgiving Do's and Dont's