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Canine Caviar Testimonial

October 2nd, 2015

Allergies can be a common issue that can affect dogs. There are environmental allergies and skin and food allergies. Canine Caviar is formulated to help eliminate these types of allergies. Canine Caviar is an alkaline based diet, a limited ingredient diet with beneficial grains and grain free options.
We have had a few changes over this past year and are continually working to improve our food for the best nutrition possible.

Here is a testimonial and an amazing story on our new product from one of our loyal customers Robbie and his two Shar Pei.

Canine Caviar Testimonial







I have two Shar pei and as many know, they come with a host of allergy issues. My little girl is not as bad as her big brother who spent his early years medicated through the spring and most of the summer months due to his ruthless skin allergies. From the time we discovered his issues we searched looking for a solution to the incessant slurping of his feet, constant licking his legs, unnatural shedding, and skin crawl every time you touched his back. Two years of searching for what exactly he was allergic to, we went through more dog foods than I thought were possible. Among those, we [on our limited budget] tried an expensive prescription food. It was amazing what it did for both of them. But at that price, there was no way to keep that up. So, we began introducing them to very limited diet foods paying close attention to the ingredients, specifically those that triggered his “itchies”.That is when I met a rep for Canine Caviar at Whites Pet shop in Fresno CA. She told me about the special needs formula and what it had done for her dog. I was a little skeptical about trying yet another food. Of course I went home and talked it over with my wife and we studied the list of ingredients before eventually going back and getting a bag. The results were nothing short of unbelievable. It wasn’t more than a couple weeks before he was off of his medication completely. He still had some minor issues off and on, but nothing that warranted medication. We were amazed.
Almost a year in and my wife tells me that the formula has changed and the food that literally saved my dog from itchy madness was not the same anymore. And if that was not enough the gal at the store had told her that some of the customers had been complaining about their dogs not eating it. I am not one to panic, so we gave it a go. My dogs have never been picky eaters…well, not Bear anyway. He will eat anything that hits the floor, most of the time faster than you can bend over to pick it up. The first bowl we put down, they each took a turn sniffing it and simply walked away. A little while later, a couple nibbles. It has been a few days and they are still not eating it quite as regularly as they were the other formula, but they are eating it. And in these short few days we have noticed even more improvement in their condition. I wouldn’t have thought it possible with his degree of allergies, but it is. He sheds even less than before and the skin crawl is completely gone. Oh, and his breath went from what my wife said smelled like death, to just smelling like dog breath.
That being said, I am not sure exactly what you did or what you changed but kudos to you. I am pleased as are my dogs with the change.
Sincerely your faithful customer,
Robbie Mohn