Happy National Hairball Awareness Day!

By Elizabeth Wilke 


All purr parents have witnessed the unsightly hairball at one time or another. But, hairballs are not just unpleasant to look at (or clean up!), they can actually be dangerous for cats. To help prevention efforts, National Hairball Awareness Day was created in 2006 and falls on the last Friday of April each year.

When cats groom themselves, they ingest loose hair that they are unable to digest. This hair forms into a ball until kitty is able to cough (or vomit) it up. Luckily, there are some simple steps pet parents can take to lessen the hairball attacks.

  • Thoroughly groom your cat.
  • Choose a pet food (like Feline Caviar!) that is formulated to reduce hairballs.
  • If kitty is excessively grooming, try to distract him or her.

Some cats are more prone to hairballs than others. Long-haired breeds are especially susceptible and may require more frequent grooming. Look for grooming brushes or combs that are made specifically for your cat for maximum effect.

Feline Caviar dry holistic kibble for cats is formulated with natural vegetable fiber which helps move hair through the digestive tract. This helps keep the hair from forming into a hairball.

Keep in mind, if you notice your cat continues to consistently gag or cough for more than a day and seems to have trouble passing a stool, contact your veterinarian. In some rare cases, these can be signs of blockage in the esophagus or a more serious disease.