Dogs Like Variety Too!

I am learning so much about Pet Nutrition. The Latest that is going around in the news is The Rotation Diet. This concept is not new and I enjoy knowing that it is completely a holistic nutritional philosophy that insures your pet’s health and happiness. Although I can guess that it helps a little with their pickiness, it truly is not just to keep your pet from getting bored with their menu. There seems to be numerous other benefits of rotating their diet with plenty of different proteins, such as lamb, chicken, buffalo, duck, beaver, venison etc.. and different types of food, like dry kibble, canned and raw veggies. Canine Caviar may have been the first to discover the nutritional value and now the most experienced with rotating foods, which is why pet parents using Canine Caviar holistic dog food may already be experiencing some of these benefits. I can see how the Benefits certainly outweigh any inconvenience. You wouldn’t want to eat the same meal, every day and neither do our Dogs. I think when everyone understands the benefits of protein rotation for their pet’s health, there will be more pet parents gladly offering the variety. One thing that is common is food allergies and intolerance to corn, wheat, beef, soy and even chicken that most develop over time when pets are fed the same food month after month. A Rotation Diet reduces this risk as there isn’t a specific protein overfed so the body doesn’t become sensitive. Make Sense? It does to me. Urinary problems are prevalent in pets who have suffered from long term dehydration. Adding more moisture content like canned foods or raw frozen products can help with these specific health issues. There is so much more information that I can share on this subject and will use the blog over the next couple of days to explain in detail.

Canine-Caviar-Protein-Rotation-rotation diet Variety

I feel comfortable recommending a Rotation Diet that includes changing their protein type regularly and you get to choose, daily, weekly, monthly intervals. Also using different types of foods makes this ideal for optimal health. This can ensure you are doing the BEST you can as a Parent of a Pet.

Signs of a Healthy pet are : Bright Eyes, Shiny and Full Coat, Good appetite, Playfulness and Highly Active.

Canine Caviar was founded in 1996 by Jeff Baker, A research scientist and Dog lover, with a background in pharmacology and Nutrition. Our dedicated team of researchers, scientists and nutritionists are always searching for breakthroughs in Pet Health. They have a complete line of canned and dry foods that include everything that is needed to get the BEST out of a Rotational Diet.