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Dogs Like Variety Too!

I am learning so much about Pet Nutrition. The Latest that is going around in the news is The Rotation Diet. This concept is not new and I enjoy knowing that it is completely a holistic nutritional philosophy that insures your pet’s health and happiness. Although I can guess that it helps a little with their pickiness, it truly is not just to keep your pet from getting bored with their menu. There seems to be numerous other benefits of rotating their diet with plenty of different proteins, such as lamb, chicken, buffalo, duck, beaver, venison etc.. and different types...
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Introducing Canine Caviar Pet Foods

Canine Caviar Pet Foods, Inc products promote whole body health using a true holistic approach. Nutrition is used to stimulate the body’s ability to heal and maintain itself. A holistic pet food supports your pet’s health on all levels by using high quality ingredients, herbs and proper formulation to ensure optimal amounts of nutrition are achieved. Proper nutrition will quickly settle digestive upsets, reduce itching, scratching, shedding and hot-spots, while addressing health concerns like kidney, liver and heart disease, diabetes and cancer. The carefully selected, high quality ingredients used in our kibble formulas offer pets a complete and balanced diet...
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