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This blog is for all of you enthusiastic dog owners looking for helpful tips to improve the quality of health in your dog. We’ll provide tips, health topics and answer questions all surrounding your special pooch.

May 2013: Interview with Chief the Great Dane

The Canine Caviar newsletter sat down to talk to Chief, the Great Dane, who works the red carpet like, well, like a chief, when he is invited to celebrity events! Canine Caviar: Chief, you turned three earlier this year. Can you tell us how you came to find your forever home? Chief: This lady, who seemed to laugh and giggle — she even had a high pitch goo goo voice when she approached me, came over to pet me. I decided to run her over with my puppy paws at the time. Guess I made a big first impression, cuz...
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The Alkaline Diet

If you’ve browsed our website you have read that Canine Caviar holistic dog food is an alkaline diet for dogs. But what does that mean? And why does PH matter so much to your pet’s health? According to Jeff Baker, CEO and Founder of Canine Caviar, an alkaline based diet puts more oxygen in your pet’s blood, making his/her immune system stronger. With more oxygen in the blood the internal organs also work more efficiently and your dog ages at a slower rate. You can determine the PH level of your dog’s urine with a simple urine PH test strip. Test...
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Canine Caviar Holistic Pet Foods and Treats! Weighing In on Obesity

We love our pets, and because we love them we want to feed them the best food choices possible. Many pet owners carefully check the labels of the holistic pet foods they are feeding their pets to make sure they are balanced and healthy, but have you ever thought about what is inside the treats you feed them? As we spoil our pets with tasty treats you may want to look at the ingredients on the label. Vets recommend feeding your pets only 10% of their total daily calories in treats. What that means is if your dog is inactive...
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The World of Holistic Pet Food Begins with People In Charge

It starts with the People. The People in charge have to have huge desire to maintain the commitment and integrity of the Mission. The People make a difference at Canine Caviar and the focus is not to sell every bag of food, but to sell food that is going to make a difference in the health and longevity of your pet’s life. We get daily stories about what the food has done to improve the health of pets and we love reading them, but I want to make sure it is clear. The food cannot be like that without those...
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Canine Caviar Holistic Pet Foods Sees the World Through a Dog’s Eyes!

We think National Pet Month is the perfect time for us at Canine Caviar Holistic Pet Foods to talk to pet owners about the importance of a pets eyes and how a pet parent can reduce or eliminate problems by simply looking deeply into your pet’s eyes. Does a dog’s breed increase the likelihood of eye problems? A dog’s eye is a specialized organ that can be affected by disease and trauma. Certain breeds of dog are more prone to disease because of the shape of the eye, eyelid or area surrounding the eye. For example a St Bernard has...
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