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This blog is for all of you enthusiastic dog owners looking for helpful tips to improve the quality of health in your dog. We’ll provide tips, health topics and answer questions all surrounding your special pooch.

Holistic Dog Food and Treats Give Your Dog Something to Smile About

February is National Pet Dental Health Month, so I wanted to talk about the importance of dental hygiene for your pets. We often make jokes about dog breath, but did you know that foul smell could signal a bigger problem. Most people have no idea that ignoring your pet’s dental health could lead to tooth loss, periodontal disease or cause painful infections. In the most severe cases if the infection spreads it can manifest itself into a life threatening condition. The AVMA, founded in 1863, is one of the oldest and largest veterinary medical organizations in the world, and encourages...
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Winning Ways with Canine Caviar

Kathleen King, Grand Champion Pet Parent talks about Canine Caviar. Kathleen King, owner of Brinrye Golden Retrievers of Eagle River Alaska and winner of the Canine Caviar FaceBook Fan Appreciation contest, was recently interviewed by Canine Caviar about her award winning Golden Retrievers. King revealed that Canine Caviar was responsible for helping to keep the luster in her dogs’ coats and admitted that she had been feeding Canine Caviar to her champions for 10 years. 1.) Please state your name and your professional experience with show dogs. Kathleen King and I have been showing dogs since 2004 2.) What breed...
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Hard Work, Integrity and Compassion Pays Off: We’ve been Awarded!

I want to start off today by sharing that I am amazed by the information that I have absorbed about Canine Caviar and the production of Pet Food. All of the tiniest details have to be managed. I always cared about the ingredients on the label of my Pet Food but never, ever thought about each one and how it was processed, any interactions or whether the label was “truthful”. Just as I am thrilled to learn all of this and excited to be a part of a company that really, really does care about ALL of those details and...
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Canine Caviar asks.. What is Healthy? Natural? Organic? Holistic?

We recently asked for the definition of what “Holistic” means to our Facebook Fans and the answers given prompted us to share what we know at Canine Caviar. We think it is safe to say that most manufacturers, distributors, stores and pet owners are committed to providing the absolute best nutrition for our pets. We see a lot of media hype and internet marketing, some of which may have confused us more than it has helped. It’s time to get back to helping our customers decipher and understand the different terms being used and what they actually mean. The...
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Canine Caviar’s Fermentation Products in Their Holistic Dog Food

Good Day Everyone!! I posted some information about the new addition to Canine Caviar yesterday and it opened up some questions. Although Jeff Baker, Founder of Canine Caviar is traveling right now he has sent us more information to help explain the Fermentation Product that will be found in Canine Caviar. Jeff Baker is a Research Scientist that works with a team of researchers and nutritionists at Canine Caviar who constantly strive to offer the best quality products that result in the Optimum Nutrition needed for our Pets found in our product. Jeff is dedicated to the health of pets because of...
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