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This blog is for all of you enthusiastic dog owners looking for helpful tips to improve the quality of health in your dog. We’ll provide tips, health topics and answer questions all surrounding your special pooch.

The Alkaline Diet – What You Need to Know About Alkalinity

  Finding the right kind of diet for your dog is important. Your dog’s diet establishes multiple aspects of your dog. The energy it has throughout the day, the strength of its immune system, and the possibility to develop chronic illnesses to name a few. It’s not just important to find the right diet, it’s hard! There are may kinds of diets in the market. You have grain free, limited ingredient, vegan, synthetic free, raw, science diets and many more. It feels frustrating because we only want to give our friends the best we can provide. Alkalinity based dog food...
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Canine Caviar’s New Synthetic Free Dog Food Cans

Canine Caviar is beginning the distribution of the new Synthetic Free Dog Food Cans. The line includes synthetic free duck, turkey, lamb, and salmon. This line is one of the few dog food products around the world to be synthetic free. And we know what you’re thinking, “What do you mean it’s synthetic free now? What was in it that was synthetic?”  some of you may be even asking “What does synthetic mean anyway?” Today we’ll talk about “Synthetic” and what this all means surrounding our cans. We’ll also talk about the benefits of a synthetic free diet and how...
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Brewster The Retriever! Growing Up On Canine Caviar

  Everybody say hello to Brewster! Brewster is a two year old Golden Retriever with a lot of personaltiy and love. This guy loves the outdoors and his family and on top of it, he’s part of the Canine Caviar family. He’s been on Canine Caviar since he was a pup and is now a strong healthy retriever full of joy! Brewster is at his healthiest and it’s all thanks to Canine Caviar’s formulas as well as the love from his family. But how do our formulas help your dogs be as awesome as they can be? A lot of...
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5 Dog Friendly Christmas Safety Tips

The holiday season continues to creep closer and hopefully you’ve finished decorating your home. A lovely Christmas tree in the living room, lights brightening up you home, and winter decorations across the hall. But are you really done? Maybe you’ve finished decorating but have you finished dog proofing? The Christmas season is a time for family and pets to enjoy each others companionship. If you want Christmas to be fun for your dog too, it’s important that the home is dog friendly. So let’s see if your doing everything you can to keep your house safe for your canine companion....
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How to Detox Your Dog in 3 Easy Steps

The holiday season is approaching fast which means we’re going to be spending a lot of time eating festive foods and socializing with our loved ones. After all the fun you might be saying to yourself, “I need to go an a bit of a detox cleanse.” Your body is full of junk which affects your health/performance so it’s important to get it out. Just as you need to detoxify your system, your dog too needs the same treatment. We don’t constantly supervise our dogs during the holidays and when we aren’t, dogs are getting themselves into trouble. Dogs explore...
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