Open Meadow Limited Ingredient Alkaline Holistic Dog Food for All Life Stages

Open Meadow is a single protein and single complex carbohydrate diet, using Lamb and Peal Millet as our two main ingredients.

Lamb and Pearl millet is the perfect fit for a dog with a sensitive digestive system. Our New Zealand sourced Lamb is the lean muscle meat dehydrated and ground into a meal, while still maintaining the nutritional integrity lamb offers to your pet.  Our Pearl millet is one of the easiest digestible grains available and the least allergenic. Click Here for more educational information on Pearl Millet.

Along with all of our kibble diets, Canine Caviar focuses on the digestibility of our food, and the absorption of the nutrients your dog needs. By using our limited ingredient approach, a dog will digest 91-93% of what they are consuming. The more your dog digests, the more nutrients the dog is absorbing and the less their Pet parent will have to pick up after.

During our 10 week Ph Challenge study, we had multiple dogs on our Open Meadow with great success stories.

Meet Swift,  Open Meadow - Swift

Swift’s Pet Parents reached out to us after trying multiple things to fix the lose stool that never seemed to go away. After accepting the challenge and maintaining the pH level of 7.1-7.5 throughout the entire 10 week challenge, read below with what Swifts Pet parents had to say..

“Swift has finally reached her last/10th weeks Canine Caviar pH challenge!! She started out at 6.25 and now has been consistent/stable 7.25/7.5 which is the recommended level. Not only did we saw the differences in her pH level, but her health. She’s started out having loose stools and about a week in, she has been going regularly with formed stools. She’s much leaner, has more energy, and healthier appetite. When it comes to meal time, she can’t wait to chow down and drooling, but waits patiently until given the command! Thank you Canine Caviar for the opportunity and introducing your brand to us and our beloved Swift!! THANK YOU from the three of us!!!”

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Are you a new customer interested in taking part of our 10 week pH challenge? Follow the link to our pH Challenge, and reach out to one of our Marketing coordinators to get your started!