The Cherry on Top!

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Canine Caviar offers Single Protein and Single Complex Carbohydrate diets, with a pH level of 7.1-7.4.

Our Alkaline based diets are formulated to be alkaline with the herbs and ingredients and do not contain any preservatives. All of our formulas are a complete and balanced diet with an all natural taste and smell that dogs go crazy for.

But, just like humans our Pets enjoy a little extra something on their lunch or dinner to spice it up!

Rotating through our formulas gives them the experience of enjoying a variety of Chicken, Lamb, Fish, Venison, and Duck. However, if the dog has allergies and is needing a novel protein, or maybe just a little treat, you can add our tasty meat suplements to your pets diet.

We offer our 97% Canned Meat Supplements as a topper to our kibble to increase palatibility, and implement protein rotation. Protein rotation is important because it gives them the necessary amino acids each protein offers for better immune health. Boosting their immune system reduces the chance of the pet develpoing an intolerance or any allergy to an ingredient as well as fighting off other infections and diseases linked to poor immune health.

Our Canned meats are single protein supplements and do not contain any grains, fillers, artificial colors or preservatives. We do not add any sugar or salt to our cans, making it the perfect cold processed supplement if you are looking for an alternative to A Raw diet!

The Cherry on Top- Canine Caviar Pet Foods Inc. Canned Meat Supplement

Adding our canned supplements to your dogs meal is the cherry on top for them. Along with many health benefits, theres nothing better than your finicky dog loving their food again with our cans! For questions on how much to feed per can, visit our website for our daily feeding guidelines .

Did you know, that you can make a complete and balanced diet with our Synergy, Dehydrated Kelp and Canned Meat Supplement? Watch a  “How to” tutorial on our Facebook!

Interested in learning some tips on boosting your dogs immune system? Check out this easily explained infographic on our Pinterest!