Training Tips

With a name like Canine Caviar, we hear misconceptions about some of our pet food products and treats. Not only do we make a variety of Alkaline® dog foods; but offer a full line of  Alkaline® foods for felines, using all-natural ingredients include free-range chicken and wild salmon. Again, not to confuse our customers, but we don’t actually sell fish eggs.

We do however offer dehydrated buffalo treats for canines, and other all natural supplements that promote better health for our pets. When it comes to treats, just as more natural ingredients are healthier alternatives to other traditionally packaged foods, positive reinforcement techniques have replaced antiquated methods using force or punishment when training our pets.

A Christmas Comparison

Using treats and praise, instead of yelling and swatting with a rolled up newspaper, thankfully this more positive and rewarding way of training is now considered the norm. Just like spanking our children has been replaced with a “time-out” or some other less violent form of punishment, there’s simply no reason to use physical violence to get a desired behavior, especially from a pet.

For example, you might be able to associate positive reinforcement techniques with telling a child if they’re a good little boy or girl, they’ll get plenty of toys and treats from Santa Claus. It’s a similar method, and although animals don’t have to wait for December 25th to receive their reward, still the concept is generally the same. When a pet performs a desired behavior or activity, they’re rewarded instead of being punished when they’re not behaving as we would like.

To see the best ways to use these methods, please check out this infographic, “30 Positive Reinforcement Training Tips For Your Pets.” See how you’ll get further with honey rather than vinegar to attract pets into better behaviors.

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