National Train Your Dog Month.

Canine Caviar - National Train Your Dog Month

Canine Caviar - National Train Your Dog Month January is National Train Your Dog Month.

This national event was assembled to bring awareness to pet owners, showing them the importance of socialization and training for dogs. What better way to start you and your pet’s New Year off right than by training your loved one(s)?

January is an excellent month, not only does it kickoff a new year where people are looking to start new habits in general, but a lot of pets are also brought home during the holiday season. The Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT) wants to inform pet owners the value of training and demonstrate that it can be easy and fun!

Training is key to maintain a happy and healthy life with your dog and can almost become second nature as a simple everyday habit. Teaching the basics such as “sit”, “stay”, “down”, “wait” and “come” can help tremendously to begin training. Another easy tip is to teach them to walk on a leash…

For more information on training tips, local trainers and educational events are held throughout the Month of January – Visit

Canine Caviar Training Treats

Canine Caviar has a variety of all natural treats including buffalo treats, sweet potatoes, and supplements.

Buffalo Lungs

Canine Caviar Buffalo Lungs - National Train Your Dog MonthCanine Caviar Buffalo Lungs Treats - National Train Your Dog Month

Our Buffalo Lungs make for prime training treats. These particular items are more porous and soft to give as a training treat.

Not only are all our buffalo treats 100% natural, they are free range, grass fed and GMO free with no added hormones or antibiotics. They are naturally low in sodium, calories and contain a good source of calcium, potassium, vitamins B6 and B12.

Dried Sweet Potatoes

Canine Caviar Dried Sweet Potato - National Train Your Dog MonthCanine Caviar Dried Sweet Potato Treats - National Train Your Dog Month

Canine Caviar Dried Sweet Potatoes are fresh and 100% natural; a great alternative to rawhide, rich in beta carotene & antioxidants and contain no added dyes or coloring. These are superb for training treats, because they are soft and easy to cut into smaller pieces. Sweet Potatoes are also terrific for senior dogs as they are easy to chew and fat free.

We hope you enjoy these training treats along with the awareness of National Train your Dog Month and don’t forget to check out more information at

Canine Caviar Pet Foods, Inc.

– Ashley Rucker