Baron the Rescued Ragdoll

1004083_10202314463774960_277799544_n - Rescued RagdollFor Baron the Ragdoll cat his speedy adoption was the classic case of being in the right place at the right time. Less than twenty-four hours after going on the list of adoptable cats at PURRs Naperville Animal Rescue his current owner Liz just happened to be running an errand to her local pet store where Baron was in an area with other adoptable rescue cats. “We saw him in the PURRS area and I immediately fell in love with him.”486209_311300665652558_1830554268_n - Rescued Ragdoll

Liz calls it fate that a PURRs volunteer was in the store on personal business at the same time and the volunteer’s husband noticed Liz and her interaction with Baron through his cage door. He told his wife who went over to Liz and Baron, opened the door and did the adoption right then and there. Liz, her husband and their children left the store and took Baron to his forever home.

Baron, who is now around 3-4 years old, has been enjoying Feline Caviar holistic cat food for the last seven months when a friend of Liz’s told her about the all natural cat food. Liz raves about the results on Feline Caviar, “His coat is even shinier and so incredibly soft and he also has less hairballs.” His favorite flavor is the Feline Caviar Wild Ocean with herring and split peas.

1464674_10201976189558316_2049677464_n - Rescued RagdollBaron loves to go for walks on his harness and leash with Liz and the family and is happy playing with his favorite feather toy and taking lots of naps. “He snores, it’s so adorable, “ says Liz, “When he’s deep asleep he has the cutest kitten snore.” Liz feels an extra special bond with Baron, “I’ve had cats my entire life. I love them and Baron is incredibly special to me.”