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This blog is for all of you enthusiastic dog owners looking for helpful tips to improve the quality of health in your dog. We’ll provide tips, health topics and answer questions all surrounding your special pooch.

How Food Affects Dogs

By Christina Burns We all know when we eat a large meal filled with carbohydrates how we fill afterwards – the food coma, ready-for –a-nap feeing! Well our pets, specifically dogs, get that same feeling! Often times I think us humans forget that animals in the wild do not sit around and eat bread baked or refined – they are mostly hunters and live off flesh and plant materials. Studies have shown that 80% of dog owners have the misconception that nutrition for dogs and humans are similar – when in reality they are different. Therefore, it is important when...
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How to Store Canine Caviar

How to store Canine Caviar? Canine Caviar was the first company to use a pet food bag that wasn’t paper. One of the main difficulties we came across was how we were going to maintain optimum freshness without ever using preservatives in our food. Canine Caviar worked with a company, Kryovac at the time and together helped develop packaging that fit our needs. Canine Caviar bags have seven protective layers to help keep your kibble fresh. Our bags have equal to or better protection barrier than a coffee bag, giving it a minimal amount of moisture or oxygen transmission. After...
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How Much Dog Food Should I Be Feeding My Dog?

How Much Dog Food Should I Be Feeding My Dog? Do you think your feeding your dog the right amount of food? Canine Caviar has the highest metabolized calories, which means the higher metabolized energy, the less you need to feed. With the highest digestibility on the market at 91-93%, Canine Caviar allows your dog to eat less while still maintaining ALL the nutritional value and calories they require each day. Our proteins are dehydrated and ground with 8% moisture and our kibble is flash cooked for 6 seconds at 82 degree Celsius to maintain the nutritional integrity and increase...
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National Train Your Dog Month

January is the APDT’s National Train Your Dog Month!  Make training a part of your everyday life with your dog and learn to build a relationship with your dog. This national event was assembled to bring awareness to pet owners, showing them the importance of socialization and training for dogs. What better way to start you and your pet’s New Year off right than by training your loved one(s)? January is an excellent month, not only does it kickoff a new year where people are looking to start new habits in general, but a lot of pets are also brought...
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Alkaline Diet

The Benefits of an Alkaline Diet By: Christina Burns Being a first time dog owner is one of the most exciting things that I have done. As a child my family always had cats – many, but never a dog. A few years ago, I decided to add a dog to my family of two cats, and found an amazing dog that was the right addition and so began the quest of finding out all sorts of new things! As a new dog owner, I was overwhelmed with the many options out there. I recall being at Pet Supply speaking...
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