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This blog is for all of you enthusiastic dog owners looking for helpful tips to improve the quality of health in your dog. We’ll provide tips, health topics and answer questions all surrounding your special pooch.

Canine Caviar Holistic Pet Foods Sees the World Through a Dog’s Eyes!

We think National Pet Month is the perfect time for us at Canine Caviar Holistic Pet Foods to talk to pet owners about the importance of a pets eyes and how a pet parent can reduce or eliminate problems by simply looking deeply into your pet’s eyes. Does a dog’s breed increase the likelihood of eye problems? A dog’s eye is a specialized organ that can be affected by disease and trauma. Certain breeds of dog are more prone to disease because of the shape of the eye, eyelid or area surrounding the eye. For example a St Bernard has...
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Canine Caviar True Holistic Pet Foods / Part of a Healthy Lifestyle

It’s a Lifestyle and a choice. What if they could Speak for themselves? Pet Parents are learning more than ever what is best for their family member. Canine Caviar initially addressed Holistic because it is the best way to provide what they need. We were ahead of our time when Canine Caviar Pet Foods were introduced. More than a decade later it is a common word used to declare BEST for your pet. We are still the Only True Holistic Pet foods available. A Holistic approach treats the whole animal, using nutrition and herbs to stimulate the body’s ability to...
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Celebrate National Puppy Day with Holistic Pet Food – True PUPPY Love!

What is it about a puppy that makes us say “aw”? Could it be that their heads are larger in proportion to their bodies or that their big round eyes look deeply into our souls and melt our hearts. When we see a puppy we immediately start speaking in a higher pitched voice, we smile and make funny faces at them when talking to them and we actually say “aw”. Whatever it is we love our puppies and since March 23 is National Puppy Day and Canine Caviar would like to educate Pet parents on the importance of starting your...
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Holistic Dog Food and Treats Give Your Dog Something to Smile About

February is National Pet Dental Health Month, so I wanted to talk about the importance of dental hygiene for your pets. We often make jokes about dog breath, but did you know that foul smell could signal a bigger problem. Most people have no idea that ignoring your pet’s dental health could lead to tooth loss, periodontal disease or cause painful infections. In the most severe cases if the infection spreads it can manifest itself into a life threatening condition. The AVMA, founded in 1863, is one of the oldest and largest veterinary medical organizations in the world, and encourages...
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Winning Ways with Canine Caviar

Kathleen King, Grand Champion Pet Parent talks about Canine Caviar. Kathleen King, owner of Brinrye Golden Retrievers of Eagle River Alaska and winner of the Canine Caviar FaceBook Fan Appreciation contest, was recently interviewed by Canine Caviar about her award winning Golden Retrievers. King revealed that Canine Caviar was responsible for helping to keep the luster in her dogs’ coats and admitted that she had been feeding Canine Caviar to her champions for 10 years. 1.) Please state your name and your professional experience with show dogs. Kathleen King and I have been showing dogs since 2004 2.) What breed...
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